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The internet social media for a while because sometimes you just need a break from everything. My site has been bunched together with and  and some personal life. I’m going to re organize it . So I’m currently updating the look of the site on a day by day basis let me know what you think!

Stop and Reflect

What is going on with the world right now?

Mostly I write about positive things that impact me in my life. But I wanted to recognize that there are still some people that need to change. Violence is not the answer. We all talk about it on online. But it impacts you differently when it is your hometown. Do you think that parents should have bulletproof vests for their diaper bags?

I read an article in my local newspaper, The Niagara Gazette about a 3yo in the middle of gunfire at a corner store. I hate to portray my city of Niagara Falls in a negative light. But something is got to give. We need to stop and view our surroundings. But I believe that everyone needs to be aware of this. This could happen to you or someone you know.

Deviant Art - Stop the Violence

Lets Stop the Violence!

Violence is never the answer. Can we for once, change history and move on as a collective without hostility? I thought in 2013 we would surpass in resulting this way. Our culture should not worried about foolishness, it is about not making the mistakes of our forefathers. Let us not blame the family or educators for the one individuals actions.

Yet it does take a village to raise a child, that person what not a child it was an adult with conscience of right and wrong. To me this is a horrible example of what we should not do. If you have a problem with a adult, handle it by diplomacy, not by gunfire.

Share your thoughts on the topic, I want to know that you think about it.

Let’s make a example, not be one.

**This post is dedicated to the 3 year old  & Mother that was hospitalized.**

Gift Wrapping, Cyber Monday

Christmas season is underway! Everyone knows, they love getting that great gifts. But they are just annoyed, by one little thing. Wrapping the presents! Don’t worry about wrapping them, leave it to us.

We’re now offering gift wrapping services on our products. In the Niagara Falls area & need your git wrapped? Drop it off and we will do it for you! Come back and pick it up!

With in the next few more days, we will have some mock pictures of how it will look.

Also Cyber Monday is coming up, I’m sure the media atm is all over it and offering deals. What is different from the other stores and us is that for every eBay purchase, you are donating a  portion of it to the Mentoring Program in Niagara Falls, NY

If you have any questions feel free to email me @ or call/text

So check out our eBay Store and help us help our community!

Helpful hints for Black Friday!

It’s that time of year when we all come together with families & remember the true meaning of the Thanksgiving. Coming together , breaking bread, & enjoying loved ones we don’t see often. To me that is something personally that I for one is truly #thankful for.

In between dishes and football, everyone is focused on:

  • going to see the next movie that is playing.
  • getting some rest for Black Friday.

This is the best gift giving season this year. So please when you go out to shop that you take caution or others AS WELL AS EMPLOYEES of the establishments that you visit. Remember, we are all human, we bleed the same color. Please be kind!

I did alittle research to see what would be the way to beat the drag of Black Friday. I’m referring for a site KXAN from Texas has their 10 Tips I would like to add more things to the topics listed as so:

  1. Practice patience

    Make sure you’ve prepared for the crowds and keep your cool while waiting in line. Ipod/Ipad  would be great things to have.

  2. Make a shopping list

    Before you even head out of the door, make a shopping list of the things you are wanting to purchase.

    Make sure to take all your coupons and product information for your planned purchases as well.

  3. Use apps and social media

    Don’t start the shopping season without loading up your smartphone with some of the handy Black Friday and holiday apps offered this year.

    Don’t be afraid of social media, either. Many businesses will be posting specials on Facebook and Twitter throughout the day.

  4. Wear comfortable shoes

    You’ll be walking and standing, and walking and standing and, well you get the picture.

    Make sure you don’t experience the agony of “defeet” by making sure to wear good, comfortable shoes. As well as add insoles to them for extra comfort.

  5. Prepare for the elements

    If you are heading out early and plan to stand outside waiting to get into your chosen Black Friday business, make sure you are prepared for any kind of weather.

    Wrap up in several light layers, and grab a blanket or two for those colder parts of the country.

  6. Get enough sleep

    Make sure you are well rested before heading out for an arduous day of shopping.

    Not only could you fall victim to a nap attack, but you might not be on your toes when it comes to spotting the best deals.

  7. Use the ‘buddy system’

    Take a partner out with you this Black Friday. Not only will you have some company, but you’ll be able to help each other make shopping decisions, carry packages and even switch out standing in line for those much needed bathroom breaks.

  8. Compare prices and products

    The sale might seem unbelievable, and the product might be as well. Make sure to compare prices and products to avoid buyer’s remorse.

  9. Keep your receipts

    Being organized can come in handy as you fight your way through the swarm of shoppers.

    Make sure to designate a place to keep all your receipts handy to show store personnel and in case you need to return something at a later time.

  10. Skip the lines, shop online!

    Avoid all the hassle without leaving the house. Just opt for shopping online. You can either take advantage of some of the online deals offered on Black Friday, or wait until Cyber Monday!

  11. Turn off your Car!

    The emissions can be minimized if you shut off your engine and just run devices on your cars battery. Most cigarette lighters can be used as an outlet or USB. You can always use that electric blanket when your waiting in the car to get into the door busters!

    If you have any things to add to the list, comment, posts can be updated!


23 hours ago

23 hours agoStill in Alert

Hurricane Sandy Map from NASA edited

22 hours ago , that’s how close I was to that hurricane. I’m just thankful for everything that I have. Because in this time, we need to realize that these disasters can happen at anytime. Are you prepared for it? My heart goes out of all that have any suffered form a loss doing this past 3 days. NJ, NYC, PA  did get the worst of it, WV with Snow and Ice afterwards.

What was odd is that she west North West and Western New York caught the tail end of it. Power outages here and there. But for the most part wind damage about 45mph.

Its great that Sandy past over us, and we need to be about what our seasons are. They are about family and the people that you surround yourself with. People you share your traditions with. People you know and trust. This tragedy should of reunite us as a country that is divided by 2 parties of congress. It should heal what happens in our country!

Currently getting a project started on helping once i get some more contacts. But ill have a update in a few days!

November Update…

Most companies blog about the next big money making scheme. We would like to blog about good things in the world. I’ve been lately obsessed with the Halloween decor. Short on space, I had to move my business to the next level. An office is a space to have to keep everything organized. I doesn’t have to be sleek, modern. You come own spin on it.

Our company is starting to place in orders on a weekly basis. Adding new content on our catalog @ Pinterest and promoting for the upcoming season.

Christmas is coming, don’t let it sneak up on you. Save with my favorite holiday items for the holidays drop ship directly to their house. The best thing, is that you don’t even have to get out of your house to do it! I’ve updated the look of it. Please let me know if its too much atm 😀

I wanted to incorporate the best thing about a business. Is giving away free things! So i started the campaign to every 50 likes i give out an item. 2 participates responded. To me it is a great feeling to know that I’ve blessed someone with something. I know that my products are the best deal you have find around locally. If not ill beat the competition!

I added a for the gift giving season. It will be updated weekly adding your favorites and bigger discounts for you!

We are almost at 200 likes! Thank you for your support in Harris Inc.

Women’s Conference 2012, Niagara Falls, NY, USA

We’ve had the opportunity to help out our community by participating in the Annual Women’s Conference Dinner hosted by Elder Irene Wilson @ Doris Jones Community Center in Niagara Falls, NY, USA. There was many in attendance featuring Elder Constance Mathews, Elder Lenice Betton, @ First Lady Denise Mathis Hurst. Also were at this event, were a few vendors too. Although we couldn’t able to attend, but we would like to what other companies attended.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The event started with a breakfast & dinner of the catered by Dinner Buffet

Wilson/Harris/Agee/Newsome family

Throughout the week ill be getting more up-to date information for the people shown here. If you have anything to add about this event feel free to comment on it. Let’s hear it from your point of view!

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